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My intent is to promote my work to sick people regardless of all income levels or status.   Please note this only applies to individuals and their families needing real Energy therapy for Chronic disease and real health issues like Bipolar disorders, cancer incurable diseases, other health issues that can benefit from Energy Therapy and not for vanity reasons.   Green Karma is also offering products and services to align with a need to come back to a more natural state of being in which a person embraces harmony with nature and the natural self. These products and services can include but are not limited to Eco -friendly products and Energy therapy services to satisfy the Mind, Body and spirit. 

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I have decided to run a special on all my services if you see an energy service or therapy that is being offered by Green Karma llc. in Illinois and are legitimately sick and can’t afford to pay me due to financial issues. Please feel free to give me an equal exchange of energy.  An equal exchange can be something like spring water, Lentils, Rice, Fresh vegetables groceries to sustain me and my family or feel free to give me a donation.

Your Donation's help me purchase equipment and continue my efforts as a Practioner. Spread the word ! Tell your friends and family about Holistic Therapy .  There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active client and schedule a session!

Thank you for your kind Donation


Energy Therapy

Green Karma LLC. uses Energy Therapy to maximize your healing process. At Green Karma LLC. We use methodologies thataddress real issues and provide real results. Holistic Therapy encompasses natural means to treat the whole body and not just the symptoms. I am a certified Practioner and will work with you over the phone or in person. During a session I can work with your Chakras and help you to release blockages that are causing imbalances in your body. There are over 330 Chakras in the body that sometimes develop blockages. Imbalancesor blockages if left uncared for can manifest into the physical body and cause disease. Energy sessions are great for people who are suffering from chronic diseases or who want to bring Harmony back into their lives. 

  Energy Therapy is a natural holistic approach that incorporates gentle touch and manipulation of the chakras. As the blockages are released the flow of energy returns to normal. 

The North American Nurses Diagnosis Association (NANDA) recognizes energy therapy as an intervention representing a specific theory: human energy field theory (HEFT). This therapy is related to the approved nursing diagnosis of energy field disturbance 1.8 (NANDA, 1995/1996).