Introduction to Polynesian Healing

Hello my name is Angel I am the owner of Green Karma LLC. and I am excited to promo an Ancient Healing Technique called Ho’oponpono that I learned from Kumo (teacher) Keolohi. This healing ritual is an ancestral Polynesian healing technique that is still used in the islands of Hawaii by the elders and the Kahunas.

Often times when families would reach a time of crisis and could not resolve family issues they looked to a wise elder who would perform a sacred Ancestral Healing ritual called Ho’oponopono. During the sacred circle we will discuss what issues you would like to heal in your family. If you prefer you may also bring any family photos that you would like to share and we will include them in our Alter. At the end of the Session you will be given a seed of light that comes from one of the principles of Huna. 

If you like you may also wear colorful clothing like a Hawiiian shirt or skirt. This event is a Donation based event. 

We are located on the cross street of MCcoy and route 59 near the Sams club next to the Indian Grill.