A Shamanic perspective on pollution

Eagle Teachings

-          From Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek -

   A Shamanic perspective on life on why we are destroying the planet and its inhabitants along with our natural resources.

   It is important to know that the perspective of life and death is one of Great importance.

  When I entered into a Journey I was taken into a special journey I was taken to a special feast this feast was a Shamanic journey and the Eagles were celebrating this feast in my honor.

This feast was not your typical feast. When I arrived I was told that I was the guest of Honor and the Eagles where very Hungry. It wasn’t until everyone arrived that I realized that I became the main course. 

  Then the Eagles began to Peck at me from all different directions and asyou can imaginethis wasquite painful.  I had to muster all my might to keep from screaming or startlingmy wifeand familyin the other rooms of course I have heard of the stories of Shamans being torn apartand put back together this however was different because it was in my honor…

   After the Eagles took their portions they did not put me back together nor did the feast stop. I was perhaps assuming that they would regurgitate me at some point as all birds tend to do.

   But they told me nothing goes wasted. So then the wolves started to pick my bones and break open the marrow.  Not only did all the marrow get eaten up the entrails and all the oozing gunk was not wasted.

  I then realized that once they had their bone meal the bones went into further decomposition by other organisms that belonged to the dirt.  And the nutrition seeped into the ground feeding the worms and the bacteria. Then I felt myself becoming the dirt and being further broke down.

   The Bacteria and the organisms continued to further digest me and the more processes of digestion that I went through the more I startedto realize that my spirit and soul was being cleansed refreshed and renewed there was a certain medicine that was being given to me by this spiritual process.

  Then finally I was actually free of my physical being . I was renewed spiritually whole and complete.

            Then I realized the valuable lesson I learned and heard that we are takers of the earth and it’s inhabitant’s .

   As we continue to take we are not giving back the vital nutrients to mother other .

            We are In fact depleting the energy from the Earth and it’s inhabitants by putting ourselves in boxes and storing our energy in the graves

   And we are in fact depriving ourselves of a special healing cycle that only happenas as we go through this full cycle of life.  This medicine is so cleansing and powerful that if we don’t receive it we are losing out on this valuable connection to life and the planet.

   This loss of connection is what is causing us to continue disregarding the well being of our planet and the inhabitants and resources . It’s this reason that is causing our disconnect to the planet and that we can easily continue to destroy our planet.

  We are out of balance with life and our connection is being destroyed to our mother.

It’s this very reason we know that we should recycle but when we go to Wendy’s we throw our plastic in the trash knowing full well that we need to recycle .

  It’s this very reason that we put the responsibility on others to protect the planet and put blame on ourselves .

  When in fact we all have a direct relationship and responsibility to the earth and its inhabitants.

We alone are responsible!!

    To receive the medicine and teachings of the Eagle meditate on the photo