Rev. Angel founder of Green Karma llc.

Rev. Angel founder of Green Karma llc.

Rev. Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek

I am the founder of Green Karma llc. I am an ordained Reverend and certified Energy therapy practioner. I realized that Humanity was in a struggle to reconnect with nature and live a more sustainable healthier life and so I formed Green Karma llc. in 2008.

The goal of Green Karma is to help people come closer to nature and to adopt a more sustainable balance in their life. This balance is what I call Green Karma. At Green Karma llc. I offer spiritual services that include Energy therapy intuitive life coaching, and products, for sustainable living.

During a session I am able to help you shift self limiting belief systems and release phobias. I am able to help you tap into your intuitive abilities and help reach your full potential. With energy therapy I can help you relieve your pain and stress.

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Jackie Krestel

Jackie is our newest team member and she offers Reiki therapy and intuitive life coaching. Jackie is a well versed energy therapy practioner. Sha can perform energetic balancing and manipulation of the Chakras.

Through her training she can detect and determine your energetic imbalances. Jackie is very intuitive and is Claircognizant and Clairvoyant. Jackie also enjoys making and selling her holistic products.

Jackie has an open throat chakra and will be hosting workshops and guided meditations during the week. To book a therapy session please call