Angel healing and clearing session with Talisman

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Michael and Archeia Faith.jpg

Angel healing and clearing session with Talisman

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In the Angel healing clearing session I will be cutting toxic chords not serving you well and removing and all entity attachments. Afterwards I will do a special Guardian Angel clearing session that removes deep seated thought forms that may have entered your system. I use this process to clear up any and all energy problems of unknown origin.  After your session I will charge a talisman that you provide with special invulnerabilities. Some of the qualities that I will charge into your Talisman are:

  • Ability to neutralize poison

  • Ability to heal

  •   Awakening someone who is unconscious.

  • Invulnerability against Physical Blows, black magic, and sharp weapons.

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Angels are here to assist and protect mankind, it's up to us to reconnect and ask them for help.