1 hour Chakra Reading and energy balancing (private sessions)

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1 hour Chakra Reading and energy balancing (private sessions)

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I am a certified Reiki Master Practioner and will work with you in person. During a session I can work with your Chakras and help you to release blockages that are causing imbalances in your body. There are over 330 Chakras in the body that sometimes develop blockages. Imbalances or blockages if left uncared for can manifest into the physical body and cause disease.

The North American Nurses Diagnosis Association (NANDA) recognizes energy therapy as an intervention representing a specific theory: human energy field theory (HEFT). This therapy is related to the approved nursing diagnosis of energy field disturbance 1.8 (NANDA, 1995/1996).

Energy sessions are great for people who are suffering from chronic diseases or who want to bring Harmony back into their lives.Energy Therapy is a natural holistic approach that incorporates gentle touch and manipulation of the chakras. As the blockages are released the flow of energy returns to normal. Energy is all around us and it's free. Life Force Energy is a unique energy that can be harnessed and used to heal yourself and others. I am a trained professional and use proven techniques to treat your whole body and not just your symptoms. When your life is balanced so is your health. When the Energy is allowed to flow freely, then the body can return to its normal state of being and heal itself from chronic disease.


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1 hour session:
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30 Day sessions are suggested  for patients suffering from Terminal illness. Patients undergoing Chemo should receive 20 day sessions before and after  chemo Therapy.