Angelic Khodam Talisman- Students only

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Angelic Khodam Talisman- Students only


   A Talisman is an item that is charged energetically to bestow various types of energetic protective qualities to the owner of the talisman or to whomever has possession of the talisman. Many Talismans have unique qualities.  In this case I will be using the qualities of the Angelic Khodam. Angelic Khodams are angelic beings popular in the Islamic faith.    Thepersonal item that you choose will be energized and the Angelic Khodam will provide the following virtues:

1) Invulnerability against physical blows

2) Invulnerability to sharp weapons

3) Invulnerability against black magic

4) Ability to defeat your enemy, making them weak.

5) Ability to neutralize poison

6) Subduing negative intent in others.

7) Ability to Heal

8) Awakening someone who is unconscious.

 These are just a fewenergetic qualities identified and Angelic Khodams tend to be very helpful and assist in many other issues in your life .


Please provide a photo of the item that you wish to be energized. Students there is no limit on the number of items you wish to have energized.



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