Are you a light worker or love receiving Energy Therapy? Then this Energy Therapy package maybe what you are looking for.  In this package “Reed candle healing Process” I will be sending you Energy therapy for about 7 days. This package is a tremendous deal and extremely convenient for the average working person or even the busy light worker! There are many advantage of receiving long distance work and convenience and privacy are of the utmost importance to receiving energy work.

    During the week I will select and light a white reed candle to create a Sacred space for you and your intentions. In addition I will be working with your Energy field throughout the process to keep it clear and free of Blockages. During the process I will send you high Vibrational Energies to assist you on your Sacred Journey and give you special Transformational Blessings of empowerment to assist you in your life.  The healing process ends when after the Tall Reed candle burns out and the transformational healing is permanent. 

 Many people will pay on an average from $50.00 dollars to about $225.00 dollars for a 1 hour session. In this process you will receive  around 168 hours of continuous Energy therapy in an amount that is equal to your donation.

  You may donate as much as you wish for about 7 days of transformational healing. When you select this package you will be able to meditate and receive this service all day long or at a time of your choosing.