The Goddess Mahakali

It’s is important to understand the meaning and representation of Mahakali in Shaktism.  In Shaktism the Goddess Mahakali is viewed as a creator Goddess of time and space and even life. This means she has given birth to everything physical including her consort Mahakala and her son Ganesha.

Mahakali predates ancient Hindu philosophies and esoteric teachings, which portray her as something different. This is referred to as Brahmanism. Often Brahmanism tends to have patriarchal viewpoint of the Goddess Mahakali and she is seeing as a Destroyer versus a creator Deity. However in Tibetan and prehistoric Pantheon She is revered as a liberator Goddess and even a creator. She has seen as one who removes obstructions and fights oppression and evil. This is the highest vibrational manifestation of the Goddess Mahakali. This manifestation of Mahakali is a source for liberation enlightenment and powerful psychic development .

  Mahakali is a powerful ally in overcoming the injustices of society and is a destroyer of inner Demons. Therefore she represents intense and even quick spiritual development and transformation . Mahakali often represents the quickest path to Enlightenment, not to be confused with Nirvana. The Enlightenment process is a series of revealing of untruths about yourself and the world around you. She is often known as a source of liberation and freedom for creative expression and sexual revolution. Her mantras destroy ignorance, evil and liberate the ego. So her path of destruction is a representation of destroying old belief systems and incorporating more enlightened views of being.  This is the raw manifestation of Mahakali and uninhibited.  That is why she is known for sticking her tongue out in a way that challenges the norms of society.

With her liberated viewpoints her practitioners are often seen as doing, what seems to be taboo. However what seems to be taboos are actually enlightened forms of thinking and not necessarily intended to go against the grain of society. So instead such practices are intended to liberate and raise the consciousness of her practitioners. This is the source of her true enlightenment.   By challenging old ways of thinking a practioner can then expand into new sources and viewpoints that beyond traditional way of thinking.

She is also known as the Mother of all Shaman and so she is an ally  in Shamanic healing as well a great demon slayer. The gifts and Siddhis she bestows on practitioners are immense and have immeasurable spiritual worth. Therefore the medicines and modalities are also numerous.

Best wishes ,

Maha Kali

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